To make it easier to enjoy the Fire and Ice festival we are now offering free shuttle service from several convenient parking lots within Bracebridge. Park and take the free shuttle to the Festival.  Shuttle buses will run continuously from 9 am to 6:30 pm

Parking for Shuttle Bus #1
Dewey Institute / Georgian College: 111 Wellington Street
Habitat ReStore: 505 Muskoka Road 118 West

Parking for Shuttle Bus #2
Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Secondary School - 100 Clearbrook Trail

Parking for Shuttle Bus #3
Home Depot: 10 Depot Drive
Muskoka Community Living: 15 Depot Drive

Free Shuttle Service

Call Today:  For Event Details: +1.705.645.8121  Vendor & Volunteer Information:+1.705 646 5590